Fly Airplane F18 Jets

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Fly Airplane F18 Jets is an intense, action-packed, fighter jet flying mission simulation.

Fly the skies in hyper realistic military F-18 jet planes and more! You've been giving the objective of taking out enemy army bases sited on remote desert islands! It is up to you, the fighter jet pilot and complete the task and return safely for mission accomplished.


- Unlock army fighter jets by completing levels
- Realistic plane flight physics
- Intuitive flying controls helped with accelerometers
- Wide variety of mission content
- Dynamic lighting and sound effects to recreate realistic experience
- Multiple on-board cameras to get every cool angle of the jet
- High quality world environments

Fly Airplane F18 Jets simulates real-world element:
- Weather systems: clear sky, gale force winds, rain, thunderstorms,
- Turbulence simulation, planes will shake when high speeds
- Realistic fighter airplane crashes, explosions and smoke effects.
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