You Must Escape 2

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Highly successful room escape game "You Must Escape" sequel is finally released! Step inside and see are you clever enough to win all the challenges this epic puzzle game has to offer!Features:↗ Logic puzzles↗ Amazing brain teasers↗ Easy to start – hard to put down↗ Explore many different rooms.↗ New rooms added frequently↗ 100% FREE for Android!How to play:Find and combine objects to solve puzzles.

Can you escape all rooms and beat this adventure?

Download You Must Escape 2 now!
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  • Kategori: Oyunlar
  • Platform: Android
  • Yayıncı: Mobest Media
  • Dosya Boyutu: 53M
  • Ziyaret Sayısı: 38
  • Lisans: Free
  • Son Güncelleme: Şubat 21, 2024
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