Zombie Hunter Assault Call Of War 2019

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Zombie Hunter Assault Call Of War 2019 is the first person free Zombies Shooting game.

A Bio Chemical Effect has been spreed on all of your city your is like zombieland. No One Can escape from this virus but you.
This virus is extreme deadly that every one in city become zombie,yes a Dead One.They are eating each one and converting them in to there own kind only you survived and some peoples survived and they came to you for help and you offer
them to stay at your home to help them. Now Zombies are entering into your House. And you have to kill them before they bite you and turn you zombie.

It's 2048 now and something terrible has been unleashed from the Brownsville to the world. Untold people are getting ill, their whole body quickly browns and then lost consciousness. They feel hopeless, what’s more the government is
out of touch. The world is taken over by the zombies who swallow any living thing they catch or hit, and whose bite is infectious to all human including students, the policeman called Luther, the doctor named Fifi, the timberman named Bam,
workers, carters & etc. Infected people will assault healthy residents, triggering terribly wicked consequences. But it doesn’t end there, feelings of hopelessness won’t save your life. A new post has been taken to the world.
Though zombies might be more ferocious than matadors, only we can massacre them once and for all.
It’s not a thriller. We have to face the post apocalypse world and blow the crap out of thousands of stupid zombies! As you rebuild this world, you will not only be survival but to build, lead, fit and fight your way.
In Zombie Hunter Assault Call Of War 2019 (a fun game for free) you will be armed with a gat and ammunition to fight.
Remember that you're not in a thriller and really the zombie monsters will hunt you wherever you go in this zombie shooter game. You have to become a zombie crazy hunter in this zombie hunter game.
If you’ve ever played this kind of game and you are in favor of hunting targeted zombies in zombie shooting games. I’m sure you will love our game.
There is a special zombie needs to be killed who is powerful enough that can kill you immediately. Try to make a headshot target kill taken, what is as simple as using a catapult. This will provide a foundation for you to shoot
more zombies later by saving your hunting gun ammo. You can take cover behind the destroyed cars, dustbins and destroyed building blocks. I want to emphasize again it’s not a thriller. The most important thing needs to understand is
to improve your hit rates of catapult and bull’s eye target shooting if you want live on. Because the undead stupid zombie will keep on coming in waves. The bullet is catapulted perfectly into the zombies’ head with your training gun,
what will help you earn bonus points and extra prize. It’s the zombies’ turn to become hopeless!
You can trade your prize for new awesome deadly weapons and you can upgrade your arms as well. New levels will be unlocked after finishing the present one. As the sun rise up, the browns sky start to brighten, the game is over.

Zombie Hunter Assault Call Of War 2019 Features:

- Realistic 3D graphics
- Be addicted to the game operations
- Horrifying visualization and sounds
- Different type of zombies to kill
- impressed game missions
- Variety of scalable counter zombie guns
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  • Kategori: Oyunlar
  • Platform: Android
  • Yayıncı: FastFun Studio
  • Dosya Boyutu: 32M
  • Ziyaret Sayısı: 15
  • Lisans: Free
  • Son Güncelleme: Haziran 12, 2024
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